Antivirus Security Pro Removal – How To Guide

Antivirus Security Pro is a fake security scanner which is designed to imitate a real antivirus program and impress the user for buying its full version by displaying false security alerts. Such Rogue programs are actually a thing of past new as the number of infections from fake antivirus programs significantly decreased last year. However, new threats are emerging again with more malicious features and new scamming tactics.

Antivirus Security Pro is designed specially to threat computer users and motivate them for buying full version of Antivirus Security pro which is just a bogus software. What actually happens is, you are browsing the web and suddenly you see that Antivirus Security Pro is scanning your computer! You don’t even know how this program got installed into your computer and but your computer is infected! Scammers behind creating such rogue programs are highly skilled computer programmers and they use operating system vulnerabilities and actually exploit them to infect the computers.

Here is how Antivirus Security Pro looks like :

Antivirus Security Pro can be spread via many different channels including torrent sites, software piracy sites and other similar illegal websites. Once you visit any of those websites or download anything off them, your computer gets severely infected as all the free stuff on those sites is malicious and It just seems lucrative to end user. If you are used to download stuff from unreliable sources, you should stop this practice right now as It will do more bad to your computer in long run.  It will show bogus security alerts like :

Warning! Network attack attempt detected.
To keep the computer safe, the threat must be blocked.

Antivirus Security Pro will scan your computer forcefully and show infections which are actually non-existent on your computer. It just used its inbuilt programming to show some random infections to scare you. To remove those infections, you’ll be asked to buy full version of Antivirus Security Pro. If you pay for it, you’ll get a registration key and then the software will stop showing any infections. That’s how all rogue malware programs work! If you’ve bought this malware, contact your credit card company and tell them that you want your money back.

Read next part of this guide to learn about how to conduct Antivirus Security Pro Removal.

How To Remove Antivirus Security Pro

This malware program can invade your computer very easily and won’t let you run any programs as It tends to block everything on your computer. It won’t let you run even Notepad and Task Manager. This behavior of rogue program is clearly designed to protect itself from any virus removal programs. It won’t let you run anything in your computer and thus you can not remove it easily!

We’ve downloaded a sample of Antivirus Security Pro virus in our test computer and found It is very easy to remove with right removal steps. We’ve discovered two removal methods which are :

1. Automatic Removal Method
2. Manual Removal Method

Both removal methods can be utilized to remove Antivirus Security Pro but we recommend Automatic Removal method for 95% of users infected with this malware. This is because this removal method is fast, easy and guarantees complete removal of Antivirus Security Pro on all computers. If you follow Automatic Removal method, there is no way your computer will stay infected.

On the other hand, Manual Removal method is recommended only for 5% computer users because this method is only meant for highly skilled computer users. You need to do everything manually yourself and a wrong step can worsen the problem. Therefore, please choose a removal method which suits your skills with computer. You can see detailed information about both removal methods below :

A) Automatic Removal Method :

As the name implies, this removal method requires you to download a genuine anti-malware tool to get rid of Antivirus Security Pro. All you need to do is, Scan your computer and click “Fix Threats” button to get rid of all the malware programs in your computer. Here is how it works :

1. While Antivirus Security Pro malware is scanning your computer, It won’t let you do anything. To over come this, first you need to terminate this malware program forcefully so that It can’t interfere with removal process. To End Task this rogue program, please Download Process Explorer and save it as “explorer.exe”.

Process Explorer is a utility from Microsoft which works just as Task Manager does. Keep in mind that you must save this utility as “explorer.exe” on desktop otherwise malware will block it from running. Explorer.exe is the name of a critical windows process and If you save Process Explorer as “explorer.exe”, this malware program gets confused and doesn’t terminate the process forcefully.

2. After running Process Explorer, you’ll see a list of active processes running in your computer. Locate a process having extremely strange name (This is how I found this), right click on it and select “End Process Tree”. Once you do this, Antivirus Security Pro will be terminated forcefully.

3. Now you need to download a genuine anti-malware program to scan your computer.  Click on Start—>Run, type ‘”” and click OK button. This will start downloading Spy Hunter from our website. Alternatively, you can also click on this button to start the download :

4. After downloading Spy Hunter, install it in your computer by following the instructions shown on Screen. After installing it, update its virus database and then do a “Full Scan” of your computer.

5. Now site back and relax as Spy Hunter will reveal Antivirus Security Pro as well as other threats which are hiding in your computer. Once the full scan is done, you can view each threat found as well its description. Click on “Fix Threats” button to fix Antivirus Security Pro as well as all other malware related programs in your computer. That’s it!
Here is a video showing how to get rid of Antivirus Security Pro easily :


More Screenshots of Malware :

As you can see, Automatic Removal is fast, easy and guarantees the removal. You can easily remove this malware even If you’ve not dealt with similar problems before.

B) Manual Removal Method

This removal method is based upon using your own knowledge to remove Antivirus Security Pro. This method is not useful for everyone as If you’re not well versed with computers, It is very likely that you won’t be able to get rid of the malware from your computer.

We suggest this removal method for people who are expert with computers and they know how to edit the registry and do other things which requires extensive knowledge of computers. Manual Removal steps can be unsuccessful at times If the malware changes its way of working. You can try your hands on these manual removal steps at your own risk :

1. First of all, you need to terminate the active process of Antivirus Security Pro. To do that,  you’ll need to download Process Explorer as advised in Step. 1 of Automatic Removal Process.

2. After terminating the rogue process, you need to delete its files which are hiding deep inside your computer. You can find the infected files in this location :


Please note that such Rogue programs are capable of creating several copies on your hard disk. After deleting above files, It is likely that malware is still hiding somewhere in your computer and It can be back at anytime. We suggest that you use Spy Hunter as indicated in Automatic Removal method to scan all files on your computer to be on safe side.

3. After removing infected files, you need to correct these registry entries :

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “AA2014″ = “%

You can access Registry Editor by clicking on Start—>Run, type “regedit” and click OK button. Please make sure that you don’t fiddle with registry If you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you face any problems with Manual Removal steps, you can always try your hands on automatic removal method as that is guaranteed to work in all cases. If you’ve any questions, please feel free to post them here.


  1. In my infection, the virus also blocked both taskmgr and cmd from running. I was able to kill the process by running the following into the Run prompt on windows 7:

    Taskkill /f /im “[random].exe”

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  4. It worked for me and my laptop with Windows Vista. Thank you very much, I was already thinking about formatting the drive or even taking it to a technician.

  5. Process Explorer did the job. Thank you.

    After running Process Explore as “explorer.exe” the virus became non functional. Then removing it became possible.

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    I already tried advises from another sites, but Antivirus Security Pro always blocked the run of the downloaded scanning- and removing-programs.Only after running Process Explorer it was possible to start Spy Hunter.

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